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Decoration, worship of beautiful wood Quan Cong (Guan Gong) is a custom in Vietnam. It is believed that there is a statue of Guan Gong in the house that will be protected from the dark forces, evil paganism . It is the only one of the three great sects in China to be holy. Endure the influence of Guan Gong in the hearts of the people of this country.

Wood Statue: Guan Gong

The most powerful connotation is that it is often arranged to help keep the demon away from evil things. In addition to protecting your family members, it helps those who are in key positions to find a successful home. People use the statue of Guan Gong to go to places with bad directions and bad stars to neutralize the bad bad stars that help the flow of air is filled from that not only happiness but also financial. There are many statues of Quan Cong made of wood. Each image expresses its own meaning: This statue is due to a time when Tzu Tzu tried to see Guan Yu to see if he is a straight person, but when living with Liu's wife, Guan Quan Not even a little bit affected, the action book reading on the torch, this makes the Tao very seriously. From which people take this image carved out Quan Cong reading book wish to straight up heart. Quan Cong Long Dragon - This statue represents the strength of this martial arts, because the sword in the legend of Quan Gong weighing nearly 1 quintessence, rare who can hold just say to fight. I want to talk about the meaning of the power of myself. It is also showing off the strength of Gong, helping to make effective control. It is the image that Guan Gong together with his friend, a big and powerful horse, joined Guan Guan through many gates and killed six generals. This is a very popular statue because of the majesty of the statue. This is the image we look at that must be careful and careful with all things around, must be vigilant. These are the feng shui statues that are popular with the fans then worship. In the market there are many other statues of Quan Cong created from creative and skilled artisans who do not lose the god of statue image to help Quan Cong look more creative and beautiful. When buying a statue of Quan Cong, you can choose any image that brings the same feng shui meaning. But choose feng shui statues with fierce face, because it is believed that the face of the Gong show more fierce idols, the more powerful control. The eyes of Quan Cong wood must reflect that spirit, so choosing Quan Cong wood to look in the eyes and face are two very important things. The above is the sharing of the popular wood statues in the market, hope you read can choose the wooden statue as well.